Posted March 21,2016    water-aerobics2.jpg

We all know movement, more importantly exercise, is essential for everyone’s health and well-being.   If you have found yourself lounging around over these cold winter months, Spring is the perfect time to turn that around, it is never too late to start!

Along with the physical benefits of physical movement and activity, seniors benefit from numerous other improvements: weight management, improved circulation, blood sugar control, illness prevention, decreased cholesterol, increased stamina, improved muscle strength which in turn prevents falls, more social experiences, and even improved joint flexibility.

Keep in mind, the physical exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous or lengthy, just regular. Once okayed by your doctor, try Gardening, walking, biking, yoga, tai chi, tennis, walking the dog, walking through the park, water aerobics, the possibilities are endless.  And not only will your body thank you, you will feel better mentally from the release of endorphins!

Resource: Senior Care Corner

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