Posted January 5, 2016                                 tech-kitty-seniors.jpg

When we think of the aging senior population, most of us do not see a place for technology in their life, with the exception of maybe a cellular phone, medical devices, or machines to aid in emergency situations.  But if I told you that your grandmother, or aging family member needed a robot, would you agree???  IF not, read on….

 In 2016, a new product on the market is about to change the way we look at technology and the way seniors interact with technology. Hasbro has come out with a line of robotic pets called, “Joy for All” companion pets.  These pets come in the form of adorable little cuddly cats and were designed with the idea in mind of making aging more pleasant. They purr, nuzzle against your hand, and if you rub its belly, it will roll on over to allow you to keep rubbing, just like the real cats you know and love.  If you leave it alone for a few minutes, it will drift off for a little cat nap until you gently pet it on the back again to awaken it. These cute little pets come in 3 different color options and are perfect in situations where pets are either not allowed, or caring for them may be too much of a physical demand or a financial strain.  The best part: they are guaranteed not to make a mess!

So when you think of your grandmother, or other special senior in your life, feeling lonely or needing some companionship, now is the time to consider getting one of these furry creatures to keep them company without placing any unwarranted physical demands, or responsibilities on them. Maybe it is time to get a robot after all!


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