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ProCare Plus Protective Underwear

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PROCare Plus has new bag counts effective May 01, 2020.  Product IS NOT changing, only the Item # and the # of pullups in a bag!

The same quality you have come to love and expect from First Quality Products can now be found in our bargain priced protective underwear, ProCare Plus. 100 per case no matter which size you choose. Made with the bargain shopper in mind. Good performance, great price.  Please call 800.245.0668 if you have any questions about changes.




Waist/Hip Size

NEW Case Quantity

Bag Count

Procare Plus – Medium



4 bags (100ct)


Procare Plus - Large



4 bags (100ct)


Procare Plus - X-Large



4 bags (100ct)


 Offers superior absorption power while maintaining the appearance and texture of ordinary underwear.  The cloth is extremely soft and gentle against the skin to ensure it stays healthy and dry.  

  • Cloth-like outer fabric and breathable waist area
  • Fast absorbing core and QUICK WICK strip rapidly pull and lock away moisture and odor




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3 Reviews

donalaio 21st Oct 2014

Bad Pad

The absorbent material, which I can't call padding, in ProCare briefs is very stiff and hard, resulting in a poor and uncomfortable fit between the legs. Further, and maybe even worse, the absorbent material is cut on its ends by a heat method, leaving hard, sharp melted edges on the front and back ends. In the back, that end can and does turn inward, sometimes even cutting through the thin layer holding it in place. It has caused injury to my skin, right in an area very sensitive if you have good sensation, and very prone to skin breakdown if your sensation is poor. In an individual with intact sensation but only able to wriggle away from the pain, the sharp edge can cause more damage and pain. Incontinence mixed with skin damage is a recipe for infection. Who would ever have thought a review of incontinence underwear would include the words "stiff," "hard," "sharp," and "painful?" This is a very disappointing "Made in America" product.

unhappy 6th Aug 2014

No Good

I got these because you get 100 of them for the XL size... no other pull-ups come in this many of XL. I am real disappointed. They are not soft, they actually chaffed my skin. They leak if you go alot. I won't be getting these again and the only reason I am using the rest in the pack is because I can't afford to buy more until next month. It is not a good bargain if they don't work right. I use to use Perfit and I am going back to them and it is a better price and they work better.

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