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Prevail Underwear For Women NOW AVAILABLE IN SMALL & 2XL!

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Maximum Bladder Control for Women - with Cotton Enhancements!

The Prevail, Underwear for Women, is designed specifically for women and features a form fitting shape and stretchable, breathable waist panels for containment and protection with a discreet, comfortable fit. The specialized fast absorbing core gives concentrated protection and odor control where it is needed most for women. As pretty as it is functional. And now, Upgraded to super plus absorbency! 

 Maximum absorbency for MODERATE incontinence 

Description Item No. Waist Size Hip Size Case Quantity Bag Count
Prevail Underwear for Women - Small PWC-511 20"-34" 20"-34" 4 bags of 22 (88) 1 Bag = 22
Prevail Underwear for Women - Medium PWC-512 28"-40" 34"-46" 4 bags of 20 (80) 1 Bag=20
Prevail Underwear for Women - Large PWC-513 38"-50" 44"-54" 4 bags of 18 (72) 1 Bag=18
Prevail Underwear for Women - X-Large PWC-514 48"-64" 48"-64" 4 bags of 16 (64) 1 Bag=16
Prevail Underwear for Women - 2XL PWC-517 68"-80" 64"-80" 4 bags of 14 (56) 1 Bag=14



Cloth Like Outer Fabric Soft Breathable Zones


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7 Reviews

Maebell B 10th Oct 2014


IT is nice to have a product geared for a woman. It is bad enough we have to deal with all of this stuff and go through such changes with our bodies as we age, I am glad one of these companies felt like we were worth the effort of making a special feminine product for. It doesn't feel like I am wearing baby diapers for a change. It really is like underwear and it gives me a little more confidence dealing with people when I don't feel like I am in a baby diaper. Thanks! And if any of you need a little confidence boost, I would recommend these, they are comfortable and they do not leak. At all. Ever.

Nan Vonswalder 18th Sep 2014


I prefer these over the unisex Prevail pull-ups. Now that it has been upgraded, I like them even more. They just don't leak. For me, I could not ask for a better fit (Medium). I think they deserve the Womens badge of honor! Good color, feminine feel and they just don't leak. Period. This company is a very good company to work with also, The girl that helps you when you call really cares and wants to help. They haven't forgotten that there are people on the other end of the order. Very Refreshing.

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