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Cuties Baby Diapers (Case)

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Cuties Baby Diapers                                                            

Description Item No. Size Case Quantity
Cuties™ Baby Diaper - Newborn CR0001 Up to 10 lbs. 4 bags of 42 (168 ct.)
Cuties™ Baby Diaper - Size 1 CR1001 8-14 lbs. 4 bags of 50 (200 ct.)
Cuties™ Baby Diaper - Size 2 CR2001 12-18 lbs. 4 bags of 42 (168 ct.)
Cuties™ Baby Diaper - Size 3 CR3001 16-28 lbs. 4 bags of 36 (144 ct.)
Cuties™ Baby Diaper - Size 4 CR4001 22-37 lbs. 4 bags of 31 (124 ct.)
Cuties™ Baby Diaper - Size 5 CR5001 27+ lbs. 4 bags of 27 (108 ct.)
Cuties™ Baby Diaper - Size 6 CR6001 35+ lbs. 4 bags of 23 (92 ct.)
Cuties™ Baby Diaper - Size 7  CRD701 41+ lbs 4 bags of 20 (80 ct)


Cuties Premium baby diapers are designed with not only an absorbant core for leakage protection, but a special top layer infused with natural botanicals, aloe and Vitamin E, that is channeled to ensure rapid absorption into the core of the product, preventing any leakage. The high waisted leak guards, inner leg cuffs and stretchy side panels, combined with the countoured fit and cottony soft material provide for a more comfortable fit for around the clock wear. And now, Cuties offers a New Size 7, for our larger wearers!


made-in-usa-logo.jpg Hypoallergenic Cloth Like Outer Fabric Soft Breathable Zones 

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4 Reviews

Lauren 25th Jul 2019

Happy Customer

We have solely been using Cuties products for our 3 month daughter and are very happy with the quality of the product line. We have found that the Essential Product line works very well, but that the Cuties Complete Care have a superior quality to them when it comes to the touch/feel of the diaper; that being said the Cuties Essentials vs Cuties Complete Care do not have much of an absorbency difference, a solid testament to the manufacturing. I have been very satisfied with the Cuties product line!!

mariam adebakin 3rd Jun 2016

Unbelievably amazing!

Got to know about at my son's daycare where I was given samples to try. Was using huggies before I got the smoke but I noticed my son's poop comes out of the huggies diaper but when I used the sample of the cuties I was given,it stayed dry for hours and I did t even realise my son had pooped. Afterwards I went to over 10 stores (target, Walmart, foodlion, family dollar, dollar tree and babies r us) trying to get the cuties I had fallen in love but they all didn't carry the product so I searched the internet to get information about the company producing cuties diaper and I gave them a call. They were able to give a retailers contract in my state, North Carolina and I bought about 6 months supply. Would definitely recommend the product to mums because it is affordable and it does work!

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