Posted: January 21, 2014

MYTH 1: I’m Too Young For Independent Living
It’s never too early to start planning for your future. A misconception exists that independent living is the same as senior living; but this just isn’t true. Adults as young as 55 years of age can benefit from independent living communities designed to help them live actively while they enjoy their retirement years away from the challenges of home ownership.

MYTH 2: It’s Going To Be Depressing
This tops the charts on worries adults have about independent living. If you’ve experienced the musty smells or cramped quarters of a nursing home , you’ve come away with some bad connotations of retirement living. Fortunately, none of these fits the description of the modern independent living community, which is just as likely to resemble a tightly knit small town or a high-end spa resort. The best way to test this myth is to visit a community for yourself. Talk to residents and staff, spend an evening in a group activity, such as attending a lecture or concert, or tour the facilities.

MYTH 3: I Can’t Have a Pet
No longer true! You don’t have to part with your beloved companion. A quick survey of many of the most popular independent living communities shows that cats are almost always, and dogs are usually permitted too, at least up to a certain size. Some living centers even have community pets that you can share a lap with.

MYTH 4: I Can’t Have Overnight Guests
You’ve always been the hospitable member of the family, welcoming friends and family in your home. Now that you’re in a new living situation, how can you still be the social hub? It’s not only possible to have overnight guests in your room, but many living centers have gone above and beyond to make this comfortable for your guests. If you cook for yourself, hosting family for meals is, of course, easy. But if you usually eat in community dining rooms, most offer a guest meal payment option so your family can join you.

The same is true for social events. One of the fastest-growing trends in independent living communities is to provide meeting rooms of varying sizes -- including access to kitchen and outdoor facilities -- so residents can host both small and large gatherings. So you can still have 20 people over for Christmas dinner!

MYTH 5: Independent Living Is Too Expensive
You may be surprised to learn that independent living is an affordable alternative to homeownership. Try a side-by-side comparison of the costs of independent living with your current living expenses. You could be saving you money! Consider the dollar value of being relieved from the burdens of home ownership; beyond that, think of the value of the all-inclusive amenities provided by independent living accommodations: professional housekeeping, a customized fitness plan, exciting programming, and new friends just a stone’s throw away.

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