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Even in small doses, the best antidote to stress and fatigue is to treat yourself well. Try some of these 10 minute pick me ups:

  • Read something funny: Laughter triggers a relaxation response
  • Crank up the volume: Turn up the music until it fills the air and really listen. Get energized listening to a strong beat or improve thinking and focus with a Melodic  orchestral or acoustic tunes.
  • Power Nap: 10 minutes may not seem like much, but it may be just enough to be productive and give you the benefits from the rest
  • Pump Some Iron: along with the obvious long term benefits, you get an energy boost to help get you through the slump. A quick exercise, a few yoga poses, stretching,  walking around the block can give you the same boost.
  • Write a letter: Write a letter to yourself and put everything you are feeling, specific incidents anything causing you anger and/or resentment.  These feelings can sap you of your energy and this tool can be used to help you let go of energy blocking ruminations.  When you are finished, tear it up or throw it away. Just the act of writing them down allows you to release them from your body and move on.  The same way confiding in a friend helps you to feel better.

Give one of these a try for a quick pick me up and to help get through your day feeling more energized and ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.


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