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If you are a caregiver or a person who suffers from incontinence, you understand the need for a discreet, dignified way to dispose of used incontinence products;  dirty gloves, dirty washcloths, bladder control pads or liners, diapers or pull-ups.  Fresh sacks help you clean up the dirty work in a discreet, hygenic, odor-free way. They come in 50 count boxes, with two 25 count soft packs inside. The soft packs allow for easy discreet storage in a purse, diaper bag or even the console of a car. These handy disposal bags may also be used for feminine hygiene products, pet clean-up or any other product that may need to be disposed of discreetly, and odor free.

  • Biodegradable bags are environmentally friendly
  • Promotes discretion and dignity
  • Minimizes Odors with odor blocking fresh scent
  • 50 Count Box with 2 convenient soft packs
  • 9 inchs long x 11 inchs wide, expands to 12 inches
  • Long 4 inch EZ tie handles- allow air tight seal when tied
  • Convenient for traveling
  • Soft Packs easily slip into purse or diaper bag
  • May be used with Diaper Disposal systems or public trash cans


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